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Good design is sustainable. At Stephen Evans Associates we take care to provide efficient design which reduces waste and is more cost effective and safer to construct. We also have a wider interest in sustainability and are qualified assessors for the Code of Sustainable Homes.

Sustainability and building efficiency are important factors in any project. For alterations we advise ways to improve energy efficiency and the grants that are available. For new builds the options increase almost daily depending on your budget. In our experience priority should be given to the building fabric, making it thermally efficient and airtight, reducing the need for energy to heat the building. We will advise where you will get the best return for your money.

A sustainable house needs higher construction standards. To achieve the air tightness and thermal efficiency the building needs to be constructed to a much higher standard than building regulations. We will assure a rigorous testing and inspection regime is undertaken to ensure that you achieve the standard you require.

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